Welcome to Creative Academy School, Beawar

We are the Leading English Medium Upper Primary Co-Education School of the City. Serving the Society & Nation from Last 15 Years with our State-Of-The-Art, Innovative Teaching Methodologies and Nurtured Thousands of Students.


We Emphasize on Ability to be Creative, to Create Something from Personal Feelings and Experiences, can Reflect and Nurture Children’s Emotional Health.


Our Smart Classes provides Disruptive Technology to make Complex Topics More Interesting through Multimedia, which is Better Understood and Adopted Quickly & Easily by Students.


“Think Out Of The Box” is Not Our Approach, Rather, We encourage Students to “Think Like There is No Box”. That’s How – They Becomes Future Ready Citizens.


Our philosophy is “Education Must Not Feel Like Burden” so We Facilitates them Stress Free, Friendly & Playful Learning Environment to Learn and Grow Happily & Positively.

Why Creative Academy School, Beawar is Best Choice ?

One way to determine the quality of any educational institute is to study - The Quality of People it Attracts (Students), The quality of people that are involved with It (Faculties), The quality of people that come out of It. (Alumni/Alumnae). CAS, Beawar meets all these determinants par excellence.

Salient Features

• Perfect Teacher– Student Ratio (1:30).
Enhances productivity and quality of teachers and improves learning experience.

• Creative Development through Music, Art & Craft.
Learning becomes fun filled experience and creates long lasting impression on learner’s memory.

• Better Discipline and Punctuality.
Outcomes self disciplined and goal driven students.

• Cutting Edge Technology Driven – Smart Classes.
Helps complex subject to understand easily & quickly, reduces boredom and monotony, enhances learner’s experience through multimedia.

• State-of-the-Art Computer & Science Laboratories.
proper resources and hands-on experiments nurtures creativity and research aptitude.

• Ongoing Assessment & Record Keeping of Students & Teachers.
Help in keeping track and monitoring individual’s growth and performance.

• A Vast Campus Free from Air & Noise Pollution.
Healthy environment reflects on body which In turn reflect mind.

• Events & Seminars for Students, Teachers & Parents.
Keeps them up-to date and prepares for future.

• Regular Outdoor Sports & Games Activities.
Makes them strong physically, as well as mentally healthy.

• 7D’s Goal
o Academic Development
o Physical Development
o Social Development
o Cognitive Development
o Personality Development
o Moral Development
o Mental Development

Creativity finds expression through these children, if only we allow it…Experimentation nurtures creativity.

Core Team

There is always Behind the Scenes Key Peoples who Drives the Institution with their Inspiration, Leadership and Dedication.

  • President

    Mr. Satyanarayan Sankhla

    Creative Shikshan Samiti, Beawar

  • Secretary

    Mr. Manish Sankhla

    Action Man
    Creative Shikshan Samiti, Beawar

  • Director

    Dr. Neelu Jain

    Creative Academy School, Beawar

  • Principal

    Mrs. Neha Dahiya

    Creative Academy School, Beawar