• Perfect Teacher– Student Ratio (1:30).
Enhances productivity and quality of teachers and improves learning experience.

• Creative Development through Music, Art & Craft.
Learning becomes fun filled experience and creates long lasting impression on learner’s memory.

• Better Discipline and Punctuality.
Outcomes self disciplined and goal driven students.

• Cutting Edge Technology Driven – Smart Classes.
Helps complex subject to understand easily & quickly, reduces boredom and monotony, enhances learner’s experience through multimedia.

• State-of-the-Art Computer & Science Laboratories.
proper resources and hands-on experiments nurtures creativity and research aptitude.

• Ongoing Assessment & Record Keeping of Students & Teachers.
Help in keeping track and monitoring individual’s growth and performance.

• A Vast Campus Free from Air & Noise Pollution.
Healthy environment reflects on body which In turn reflect mind.

• Events & Seminars for Students, Teachers & Parents.
Keeps them up-to date and prepares for future.

• Regular Outdoor Sports & Games Activities.
Makes them strong physically, as well as mentally healthy.

• 7D’s Goal
o Academic Development
o Physical Development
o Social Development
o Cognitive Development
o Personality Development
o Moral Development
o Mental Development

Creativity finds expression through these children, if only we allow it…Experimentation nurtures creativity.